Who develops MoneyJar?

Gerard Toonstra

Born in Holland, 31 years old. He started with computers on a Commodore 64, followed an education at the Nautical Academy ( not much to do with computers! ), sailed on container carriers for 2 years of his life, started working ashore in the computer business and started specializing in the Telecom industry. He worked for a carrier in Holland for about one year, mostly on B2B website/security and billing/smas/vpn middleware. Then moved to Cambridge, UK in September, 2001.

Worked for Convergys, Cambridge, UK for 2.5 years on the Geneva product ( billing system customisations ). Moved to Brazil in April, 2004 to Recife, Brazil. Now works for C.E.S.A.R in Recife, where he worked on various Telecom projects, now mostly server-based work and sometimes client-based applications.